Parliament adjourned to Tuesday, 12th October 2021 at 02:00 p.m.

Parliamentary Counsel

The office provides legal advice to the Clerk, Speaker and assists members prepare Private Members bills for presentation.

The office also provides legal advice and services to all Parliamentary Service functions including legal research for all Parliamentary Committees.

More recently, the office has been delegated the task of facilitating the legal functions relating to staff discipline, industrial  and arbitration cases in the Parliamentary Service.

The main functions and responsibilities of this office include:-

  • Advising members of Parliament, other than Minister’s on Legal questions connected with the work of members in Parliament,
  • Preparing private members bills from instructions of the members,
  • Advising the Speaker, Clerk and committees on legal matters arising from their work,
  • Conducting legal research for the Speaker, Clerk, and Committees on legal aspects of matters they are dealing with,
  • Advising and assisting other officers on legal questions relating to the work of the Service, and
  • Advising and assisting committees and staff of Parliament in the preparation of reports and other investigations relevant to Parliament.


Parliamentary Counsel
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, N.C.D. Port Moresby
Ground Floor- A Block
Ph: +675 3277769/234
Fax: +675 3277480