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Work of Parliamentary Committees

The Parliamentary Committees are  established under  section 118  of the Constitution. They are established at the start  of each new term of Parliament.  The Committee comprised of Members from each side of the house. The Chair of each Committee are usually appointed by the Government.  The Parliamentary Committee is bipartisan and the views expressed in their reports are considered independent and free from party politics.

The committee system is an extension of Parliament. The Committee play an important role in taking the work of Parliament to the people by holding public enquiries on important and topical issues and report to Parliament on their findings. The Committee operate with broad terms of references to allow Members more scope to examine important issues more thoroughly.

There are two categories of committees. They are the Standing or Permanent Parliamentary Committees that are established by law to remain for full term of Parliament or until such time Parliament decides.  Their roles and responsibilities includes enquiring into the work of national government department and other government related activities.

There are also ad hoc select or special committees. They are Special committees established by Parliament to carry out specific tasks for specific length of time.

A committee secretariat provides administrative and secretarial support to the Committees. They coordinate committee meetings, public hearings, travel, undertake research and compile reports to be tabled in Parliament. 


Committee Secretariat
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