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Finance and Emoluments Division

The Finance and Emoluments Division comprises of Finance Section, Members and Emoluments Section, Retirement Benefits Fund, and the Supply and Tenders Board.

Finance Section

The Chief Finance Officer is responsible for the efficient function of the Finance Section.

The main functions of the Finance Section are:-

  • To provide payment services to the Members and Staff of the   Parliamentary Service as well as maintain accurate records of payments made; and
  • Ensure that services provided to the National Parliament are paid promptly to allow for the continuity of services.


Finance Section
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, NCD, Port Moresby
Ground Floor- A Block 
Ph: +675 3277430 /433
Fax: +675 3277480

Members Emoluments Section

The Members’ Emoluments Section of the Parliamentary Service is for Members of Parliament and their electoral staff who are paid from the Parliament.

The main tasks of the Members’ Emoluments Section are:

  • Preparing payrolls for Members of Parliament and their staff,
  • Processing entitlements due to Members and their staff,
  • Maintaining all records pertaining to Members of Parliament.


Members Emoluments Section
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, N.C.D, Port Moresby
First Floor- A Block 
Ph: +675 3277446/258
Fax: +675 3277480

Retirement Benefits Fund

The functions of RBF Section is to provide information and advice to current and former Members of Parliament on their RBF contributions, life insurance and any other matters relating to their retirement benefits entitlements.

The RBF Office also provides services to former Members by way of pension payments directly from the Office each fortnight. All Members of Parliament contribute regularly to the Fund. Benefits under the scheme vary according to the number of terms served by each Member of Parliament.

The Office is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate amounts of contributions are deducted from Members’ Salaries and the State contributions are paid into various accounts kept by this Office for payment to Members when they cease to be Members.


Retirement Benefits Funds
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, N.C.D. Port Moresby
First Floor- A Blcok
Ph: +675 3277772 /287
Fax: +675 3277480

National Parliament Supply and Tenders

The National Parliament Supply and Tenders Board is designed as an instrument of the Parliamentary Service to ensure promotion of transparency and accountability in areas concerning property/stores and the supply of works and services necessary for the operations of Parliament. It is an independent board entitled to invite and let contracts for the purchase or the disposal of property, stores or the supply of works and services whose estimated costs exceed the prescribed limit of K3, 000,000.00


National Parliament Suppy and Tenders
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, N.C.D. Port Moresby
Ground Floor- B Block
Ph: +675 3277751
Fax: +675 3277480