Parliament adjourned to Tuesday, 12th October 2021 at 02:00 p.m.

Bills and Papers Office

The main function of the Bills and Papers Office is to act as the repository and distributor of all documents presented in Parliament to Members of Parliament.

From this office, Members of Parliament are supplied copies of parliamentary documents such as:

  • Bills,
  •  Acts,
  • Amendments,
  •  Explanatory Notes,
  • Ministerial Statements,
  • Reports,
  • Minutes of Proceedings,
  • Notice Papers,
  • Question Papers and the Daily Program.

Original documents and records of all documents presented to the Parliament are retained for safe keeping by this Office.


Bills and Papers Office
P O Parliament House, WAIGANI, N.C.D. Port Moresby
Ground Floor- A Block
Ph: +675 3277470/507
Fax: +675 3277480