Parliament adjourned to Tuesday, 12th October 2021 at 02:00 p.m.

Table Office

The Role of the Table Office is to provide procedural and administrative support necessary for the effective functioning of the Chamber. Its functions are to program the work of the Parliament, provide advice and information as well as process documents relating to proceedings pending in the Parliament.

In order to carry out its programming function, the office must be kept informed of the intentions and requirement in the Chamber by the government, the opposition and private members as well the activities of the committee and parliamentary delegations insofar as those activities require action in the Chamber.

The Principal source of information is the Leader of Government Business through the National Executive Council’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer who advises the Table Office on proposed arrangements for Government Business. The Private Members Business Committee, which consists of five members the Speaker, the deputy speaker, and three other members.

The key function of this Committee is determining the order of items in private members business.

The Officer in Charge of the Table Office:

  • Receives all incoming parliamentary documents, bills, amendments, explanatory notes, papers, ministerial statements and reports
  • Prepares draft notice papers
  • Handles questions on notice.
  • Assist members with queries relating to Parliamentary procedure and practice.